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Pictures were captured before and after Eid Ul Fitar prayer wherein speech was delivered by Khateeb sahib at Eid gah, Hazro. Eid Ul Fitar prayer 2015 did not get rush due rainy weather and majority of people performed Eid Ul Fitar prayer in their nearby local mosques. Eid Ul Fitar which is celebrated in the first day of shawal, the tenth month if the Islamic calendar (the first day after Ramadan) around the world by the Muslim community. Different scholars interpret the importance of this Salat (Prayer) in different ways. Salat Ul Fitar is Wajib according to Hanafi scholars, Sunnah Al-Mu’akkadah according to Malki and Shafi’ Jurisprudence and Fard according to Hanbali Scholars. Some scholars say that it is Fard […]

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